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Härtetester für Oboe - digital<br>
Härtetester für Oboe - digital

€ 498,00
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S-Bogen Yamaha ´Super bocal´ EN 2
€ 745,00

Super Bocals
Hand-crafted from the finest materials with traditional care and attention to detail, Yamaha Super Bocals are the closest thing to a ´´Perfect Bocal´´ ever produced, and have earned praise from some of the most distinguished artists of our time

As most bassoonist know, the bocal affects the instrument’s tone and playability to an extraordinary extent. Until now, however, most bocals have been plagued by inconsistency - no two of the same model would sound or play quite the same. The "perfect" bocal has been an elusive goal for players and manufacturers alike. To discerning players everywhere the consistently high quality of Yamaha Super Bocals is a true breakthrough... which can significantly improve the tone and playability of just about any bassoon for any player.

Material: nickelsilver
Finish: silverplated

E Type
The E type bocal combines comfortable breath resistance with a beautiful round tone which is constant troughout the instrument´s range. Pianissimo low-notes are especially easy to play with this bocal. An excellent match for the symphony orchestra, chamber orchestra, or other ensemble

Este producto esta en nuestro catalogo desde sábado 01 enero, 2000.


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S-Bogen Yamaha ´Super bocal´ VN 2
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Marigaux ausgehobeltes Holz für Oboe
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Glotin Fasson Oboe d&acute;amore B/H<br>Ø 10,5 mm - 60-62/100 mm
Glotin Fasson Oboe d´amore B/H
Ø 10,5 mm - 60-62/100 mm

€ 2,90
€ 2,30
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